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Get a estimate of what your IRS tax liability will be quickly and easily with our income tax calculator or, use one of the TurboTax or H&R Block tax calculators here to ease your mind and know ahead of time what your refund will be or how much you'll owe.




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Your income tax bracket is the tax rate you pay on the final dollar you earned in the tax year, but your actual tax rate is a variable based on calculations for each portion of income falling within each tax bracket as a percentage of your income.


Now you can see that each portion of your income is taxed at the different rates as your income increases into each and every individual tax bracket. Each percentage falling within the next tax bracket is taxed at that higher tax rate.


Income tax calculators are a great way to estimate your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax liability right up front before you even think about preparing your tax return. This in turn gives you a great opportunity to start living more frugal if you find your going to owe a bunch more cash, or, start looking for investments or planning a vacation if you see your going to be getting a big refund this year.


How to use an Income Taxes Calculator for - :


Using a tax estimator calculator online from TurboTax, H&R Block and many other tax preparation resource sites is very easy, private and non intrusive.


There is no need to enter any personal information like social security number, name, phone number or address for this process. Should a website be asking for this information when your estimating your tax refund, it would be wise to move on to another site since this process should by all means be able to be processed anonymously without your personal info.


Depending on the income tax calculator that your using and how thorough it is, different amounts of information may be required.


For basic calculations with no deductions, all you need to supply is your full years income amount.


For more detailed calculation, "net income" is your total earnings you were paid during the tax year minus any deductable expenses or other deductions you may qualify for. This can include where appropriate, deductions for medical costs, educational expenses, dependent deductions and much more.


These deductions can lower your taxable income dramatically, putting more money back in your pocket instead of Uncle Sam's. Knowing what deductions you can qualify for can save you big buck$.


 It's a wise choice to use top rated tax software programs since they act as tax knowledge tutorials along the way by pointing out deductions you may have never even thought about. These top rated brands like H&R Block and TurboTax are so well put together that they literally seek out any opportunity there is to lower your tax bill and insure your getting the biggest refund possible.


This in turn makes you more aware of additional tax deductions you can take so that your planning all year long to be able to qualify for taking advantage of them.


It really doesn't make sense to give more to Uncle Sam than you have to, so plan ahead and use quality products to insure your keeping as much of your hard earned cash as you can.



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